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The Admissions process at Central Coast College is focused on finding the right program, the right future for you.

You will meet with your own personal advisor who will provide you with the information you need to start your career. You will discuss the best options for your career, and your advisor will ease you through the admissions process.

Get started RIGHT NOW by submitting the request information page on this website, applying online or by directly contacting the Admissions Department of Central Coast College.

When you speak with an Admissions Advisor, you are speaking with someone who is trained to help you make important decisions about your future career training.

Our Admissions Team will:

Enrolling at Central Coast College is easy! Once you fill out our application, we will contact you about enrolling in our focused diploma or certificate programs. Great training can be yours in less than a year in normal completion time, and it all starts with a simple phone call.

Better hours, the respect of your family and friends…all in just a few short months. A rewarding future is yours for the taking.

Why wait any longer? Call (831) 424-6767 and start your new career training!