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The healthcare industry is filled with opportunities in a number of exciting occupations; at Central Coast College you can get the training you need to enter this growing field.

If you are currently working in healthcare, or are interested in pursuing a career in the medical field, phlebotomy training and certification could be a great option for you!

With training from Central Coast College, you can get the training you need in just 12 weeks!

At Central Coast College, our avocational Phlebotomy program is designed to supplement current healthcare experience, and prepare students to become practicing, state-certified phlebotomists in the State of California. Phlebotomists are trained allied health professionals who draw blood from patients for medical testing. Getting trained and certified in Phlebotomy can enhance your resume, and help position you for greater employment opportunities.

In this 12-week course (96 total hours), students learn human anatomy and physiology, as well as proper safety procedures,  patient preparation and blood draws, post-puncture care, specimen transport, professionalism, and stress management. Students will receive a Certificate of Completion upon graduation, and will be prepared to test for certification through the State of California.

In the Phlebotomy course, you will learn:

  • How to collect and process specimens
  • How to explain medical procedures to patients
  • How to update patient records
  • How to prepare stains and reagents
  • How to clean and sterilize equipment

At CCC, we also offer an Advanced Phlebotomy Technician avocational program. This 4-week course (28 total hours) is designed for students with documented healthcare experience, preferably in medical assisting. To enroll in the Advanced Phlebotomy course, students must meet all State requirements for advanced phlebotomy and provide evidence of the State’s approval of work experience. Students with sufficient work experience may not need to take the entire 4-week program to be eligible for certification. Students will receive a Certificate of Completion upon graduation, and will be prepared to test for certification through the State of California.

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We are currently offering Phlebotomy for medical professionals who already have experience in health care.


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