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Eligible Career Pathway Programs (ECPP)

High School Diploma Assistance

No high school diploma?  No worries.

Central Coast College has a path to help you receive your high school diploma while enrolled in one of our programs. Students who enroll using our Ability to Benefit (ATB) procedures may enroll in one of our Eligible Career Pathway Programs (ECPP). Students will have the opportunity to earn their high school diploma while being concurrently enrolled in an eligible ECPP program.

Central Coast College is eligible to provide high school course work to students enrolled in Ability to Benefit (ATB) programs that offer Eligible Career Pathway Programs (ECPP).

Earn your high school diploma while concurrently enrolled in an eligible ECPP program. Through our partnership with Excel High School, Central Coast College can enroll eligible non-High School graduates into the following programs:

Central Coast College is committed to helping student’s take a significant step towards making their future great helping them secure a high school diploma while completing a program with us at the same time.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact our Admissions department at (831) 424-6767.