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Featured Program: Computer Office Administration

Are you organized, personable, and enjoy working in an office environment? Then the Computer Office Administration program at Central Coast College might provide the next boost to your career.

A diploma in Computer Office Administration can provide many different career options and opportunities. Many different fields need skilled administrative support staff including large and small businesses in many industries including agriculture and tourism, as well as non-profit and governmental organizations. Administrative Assistant, Bookkeeper, and Secretary are just some of the job titles available to graduates of the program.  

Duties and Skills for a Computer Office Admin

Nearly every organization, be it a governmental agency, nonprofit, or business, needs administrative support staff who can perform tasks such as filing, typing, answering phones, bookkeeping, record-keeping, entering data in computers, and organizing schedules.

Central Coast College offers training in office administration that includes basic accounting, telephone skills, spreadsheets, word processing, written communication skills, and more. With training in these office skills, combined with on-the-job training in an Externship at an employer site, graduates of the Computer Office Administration program are well prepared for a successful career. You can find out more information about those careers on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website or the Employment Development Department of the State of California.

While every office functions differently, basic administrative and computer skills are sought-after by employers from every field. Many offices are a team environment, and with the training in Computer Office Administration at Central Coast College, graduates are prepared to work with an administrative team or even run a small office where they are the only administrative support staff.

Apply for the Computer Office Administration program

This 38-week course is open to anyone with an interest in learning basic computer skills, office administration, and team work. Central Coast College graduates have a high rate of success in finding training-related employment after completing this program.

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