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Career Development

Helping your Career Transition

At Central Coast College, we’re not content with teaching you job skills. We’ve developed a curriculum that teaches you life skills designed to help make your transition into your new career a bit easier.

Instead of giving you training and sending you on your way, we provide you with courses to prepare you for the future:

  • Career and Personal Development I: This course focuses on life skills to use in both the workforce and in your personal life. It includes goal setting, time management, stress reduction and financial management.
  • Career and Personal Development II: This class is provided to every student in or near their last term. You will learn techniques and receive assistance for conducting a successful job search. You how to draft an effective cover letter, prepare a strong resume, prepare for an interview, develop or improve your networking skills, and other job search techniques and tools, including compiling a personal reference list.
  • Introduction to Business: This class is provided as part of the Computer Office Administration program to help students understand how businesses function and operate. You will learn about different types of businesses, wage and labor laws, marketing and sales, and customer service.
  • Internship: Internship is a class designed to give students an opportunity to gain work experience while still in school. Central Coast College has well-established relationships with local employers and is able to help you find internships in private, public, and non-profit organizations.