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Employer Testimonials

Let's Hear from the Employers

Monterey Peninsula Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center

“We have had two students from Central Coast College come to our facility for their internship and training. We have been very pleased with the level of knowledge they bring when starting their internship. Both students have shown a willingness to learn, a strong work ethic, and a passion for their work as veterinary assistants. We have been able to offer both starting positions at our hospital. Thank you for allowing us to participate!”

Dr Katja Herrmann DVM & Chris O’Rear RVT
Monterey Bay Urgent Care

“We always check with Central Coast College first when looking to hire a new employee for Monterey Bay Urgent Care. Central Coast College students are knowledgeable and very hard working! Central Coast College does their very best to make sure their students are prepared for job placement.”

Cherie Howard, Director of Operations
Pierson & Associates

“Many of my friends who are employers call me and ask for my (job candidate) resource and I always tell them to call Central Coast College. I tell them about the internship program and how valuable that’s been to me.”

Cindy Pierson
Transportation Agency for Monterey County

“The reason I keep coming back to Central Coast College is because they have proven themselves over time to deliver quality students who’ve not only been taught the basics like computer applications, they’ve also been taught the importance of good attendance, good attitude…”

Rita Goel
Monterey Bay Urgent Care

“The best example is one of my team players in management… she is our lead MA (medical assistant), she came from Central Coast College eight years ago. She is fabulous.”

Ruby Cohan
Smith Foot & Ankle Center

“Employees, in general, represent the doctor, the field, the profession — and the graduates that we’ve had from Central Coast College, I would say, far and away have been the best that we’ve ever had to work with.”

Dr. Alan Smith