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Veterinary Technician – A New Career Opportunity

Beginning on July 18, 2016, Central Coast College will be offering a new degree program in the field of veterinary care: Veterinary Technology. This is a new Associates of Applied Science degree program, the first degree program that we have offered. We’re excited to add this program to supplement our existing Veterinary Assisting program, which we have been offering since July of 2014, to make this a two-year AAS degree program.

This new Veterinary Technology program is a nine-month program designed to build upon the training received in the Veterinary Assisting program. To qualify for the Veterinary Technician program, students must have completed the nine-month Veterinary Assisting program.

In our Veterinary Assisting program, which we have offered since July of 2014, we offer training for common veterinary workplace tasks, such as:

  •         maintaining patient records
  •         grooming procedures and proper restraining techniques
  •         administering medications
  •         maintaining equipment and facilities


Graduates of the Veterinary Assisting program are eligible to take the Veterinary Technician program, or to exit and find employment as Veterinary Assistants. In the new program, we will offer training for:

  •         Collecting laboratory samples from animals and performing laboratory tests
  •         Operating x-ray or other medical equipment
  •         Providing emergency first-aid care
  •         Administering anesthesia to animals
  •         Providing post-operative, dental, or other specialized care


For those who are passionate about helping others and caring for animals, and want to take their veterinary careers to the next level, this Veterinary Technician Associates degree could be for you.

Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics website to learn more about the tasks, requirements, and opportunities for Veterinary Assistants and Veterinary Technicians.

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