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Celebrating 33 years of Central Coast College – A message from Bob Schaefer, President

October marks the thirty-third anniversary of Central Coast College.

Thirty-three years ago, we started with just one training program called Business Data Processing Clerical Training, 20 students and 4 staff, two of them part-time. Now, more than three decades later, we have 10 training programs, average 200 students daily with 30 staff, and approximately 5,000 students have graduated from our college. That’s thousands of eager-to-learn people of all ages (from 16 to 68 years of age!) who we have been able to help increase their knowledge, skills, and potential career options.

Many of our graduates have returned to Central Coast College to work for us, which is a great honor for us as a school, and we believe it speaks volumes about our graduates.

Every time a student receives a diploma or certificate, every time a graduate gets a job, we celebrate. This is why we started all those years ago – to help people grow and succeed in the workplace and in life.

So thank you, Central Coast College students, graduates, staff, and everyone else who has been with us at any point over the years. Here’s to thirty-three more years of success for all!

And check out this short video that was posted live on our Facebook page last week!


Bob Schaefer, President

Central Coast College


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