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6 Ways to Stay Healthy While You’re in School

Staying healthy can often seem like a big challenge, during the chilly winter months when stress goes up and your health goes down. Who has time to be sick? Family, jobs, school work – life can be stressful enough without being sick, too. So what can you do to stay healthy so you don’t fall behind in your schoolwork or miss out on quality family time?

1 – Minimize your Stress

Stress can not only make you feel tired and run down, but it can compromise your immune system, making your body a target for any bugs that are going around. Yes, you can reduce your stress, even while you’re in school. If you’re disciplined with your time management and planning out your calendar, you can make sure that important tasks get done on time, while still scheduling in time for stress-reducing fun. Exercise can also reduce stress for many people, so be sure to schedule exercise into your time management plan. For five tips about managing your stress, check out this recent blog post.

2 – Drink Lots of Water

Of course caffeine is a student’s best friend! But in between all those coffees, sodas, and energy drinks, add in some regular water, too. Caffeine may help keep you awake during class, but the fuel that your body really runs on is water. Staying properly hydrated with plain water – minus all the sugars and chemicals from soft drinks and your favorite lattes – can help your body stay healthy. Water keeps all your organs running smoothly, which gives your body a better chance at fighting off sickness.

3 – Eat Healthy

This point is similar to the previous one. While it’s easier (and often yummier) to grab a coffee and a donut in the morning, those aren’t necessarily the best fuels for your body. Cut out some of the sugar and caffeine, and add in some fruits and vegetables and plain water. Putting in the right foods can give your body the best chance possible to keep your immune system high.

4 – Eat Frequently

Studies have been done to show that eating small meals more often is healthier for your body than eating a couple of really large meals with no food in between. We’re not doctors, but we are saying it’s okay to grab a snack in between classes (especially if it’s a healthy snack).

5 – Sleep

Who has time for sleep? Well, everyone should make the time to get an adequate amount of sleep – especially during times of high stress or if there’s a bug going around. Your body recharges and works at healing itself when in sleep mode. Even if you have to turn off the TV an hour earlier to go to bed, your body will thank you for it.

6 – Take Vitamins

Again, we’re not doctors, so do your research or talk to your healthcare professional if you want to add vitamins and supplements to your diet. Some basic vitamins can enhance even an already-healthy diet and give you an extra boost. Look into some vitamins like a basic multivitamin, vitamin C for the immune system, vitamin B-12 for energy, vitamin D if you’re indoors a lot and don’t get much sunlight. Be sure to talk to your doctor before starting on a vitamin regimen, especially if you’re on any medications.

With these six tips, you can be well on your way to staying healthy all winter long, so you can keep working hard, studying hard, and moving forward!

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