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No Experience? No Problem!

Have you ever wanted to work in a new field, study a new subject, or learn a new skill, but you don’t know how to get started because you have no experience? That’s the very definition of “new,” doing something that you’ve never done before and have no experience doing.

It can be a challenge sometimes if you find a class you want to take or a job you want to apply for, and the requirements say that you must have previous experience. How can you get started?

At Central Coast College, we have several programs that do not require any previous experience. You can come in as a blank slate, as it were. We have programs that you can enroll in without a previous degree or certification in a related program.

If you want to learn something completely new, or start a new career in a field unrelated to your previous experience, then Central Coast College has several options for you:

For most of these programs, no experience is needed. Veterinary Technology and Home Health Aide have enrollment prerequisites that you can learn about on our website. After you complete your enrollment at Central Coast College, what we look for is determination, passion, and excitement in achieving your goal. Contact us today to get started!

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