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Student Story: Erika G.

My name is Erika Gonzalez, and I am currently attending Central Coast College. I have always had a special interest in animals starting from a very young age. After hearing about the CCC veterinary program from my younger sister, I did not hesitate to make an appointment with the amazing counselor Jennifer. After speaking to her I found that this is really what I wanted to do. She was so kind and explained everything step by step, answering all the questions I could possibly have. She encouraged me to look more into it to make sure this is the career choice I really wanted. My parents are very supportive and once again helped me pursue what I wanted to do because they understood that this was a passion of mine.

Being at Central Coast College is great. I really enjoy their strict policy on absences and tardiness – it makes it much easier to be motivated knowing I have to be here on time every day. Being on time was something not so easy for me before coming to this school, but I have not been tardy or absent due to the policy.

At Central Coast College I get all the help I need and more. Everyone here is super nice, they always greet you with a smile and a hello which makes you feel like you fit right in. The first week of school was very nerve-wracking until I met the instructors; they are very kind and open to any concerns you may have.

I enjoy the pep talks one of the teachers gives almost every day; they are very inspiring and connect to everyday life. Some of the things I enjoy is that it is a fast-paced class – every day there is something new to learn. It is not just books we are studying – it is real life situations the teachers here are preparing you for. I enjoy the homework they give because it is a lot of practice for each new topic being learned, and the next day the teachers are very good about going over any questions I had on the homework. I have learned new study techniques here at the school; also, the school is open after my classes making it easy for me to stay and get my work done if I need a quiet place to do so.

I enjoy that the school has a small population of students which makes it easier for me to concentrate and, the students here seem to follow the rules, making it a great environment for me. Also the school, having such a small population, allows each individual student to receive attention and help when needed, and makes it easy for the counselors to be able to help me out without having to wait such a long time.

I love how hands-on it has been so far and it only has been the first six weeks. I have learned how to use a computer so much better. From typing, to learning new programs I wasn’t aware of like Excel and Powerpoint. I can now say that I am proficient in these programs. Also with Word – I knew the basics of this program before but now I know the Word program a lot better. I am very content with the new knowledge I have gained, whether it is for the work force or even for my own personal use. I really enjoy being able to receive information from my teachers and then being able right away to jump into a hands-on project. I personally feel like this is the perfect way to learn something.

Math has always been a hard subject for me. The teacher is great and goes over something as many times as we need it. This is great because I do not feel intimidated to ask her questions. My math teacher is also fast at grading the homework and tests which is so beneficial in knowing where I stand in the class, and where I am lacking.  After a test they always go over everything, explaining to us why we got something wrong. I have actually gone to my teachers on break and they are still very willing to help me or answer my questions. The people in the office are also very kind and helpful. If I ever have a question it is so easy for me to just walk in there and they will assist me as fast as they can.

I like how I get to attend school everyday, making it a habit for when it is time to get into the workforce. I will be used to getting up early every day and being on time. I have a full time job and juggling school with work can sometimes be difficult, but with the great inspiration I receive from my teachers it makes it so much easier and less stressful. I think positive, and wanting to do better for me and for my family is what keeps me going.

I recently attended a different college and it never felt fully right. I wanted to get into my career right away without having to take numerous classes before reaching that point. Central Coast College let me jump right in super quick and that is something I really like–to get things done faster. I have several challenges such as work and making time to study, but I have put off many time-wasters to be able to overcome these challenges.

For people that are interested in school and want to find the right career, I recommend they come visit a counselor at Central Coast College. They will make you feel right at home and answer any questions or concerns you may have about going back to school. It almost feels as if Central Coast College is very family-oriented.

If you are a parent and you are short on time, some classes are only about 4 hours day. It can either be morning classes or afternoon classes – it is whatever fits you, your family and your schedule the best. This is a very good environment that will make you want to succeed and keep going.

I am very happy with the decision I made to coming here. So far this is something I am proud of and I know it has made my mom and dad happy as well. I really recommend this to anyone. Sometimes a long-term career is not for everyone. If it ever runs through your mind to attend a school, do not hesitate and come visit Central Coast College for a tour by one of the amazing counselors.

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