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So I Have a Certification – Now What?

Here at Central Coast College, several programs offer certification and/or licensure: Medical Assisting, Nursing Assistant, Phlebotomy.

Certifications are important – it’s a proof that you are qualified for certain tasks and responsibilities. You can check out this blog post about what certifications mean and how they’re important to your career.

Next Steps after Certification

If you’ve completed a program and have received your certification, what’s the next step? Depending on your field and your personal career goals, you have a few different options:

Beginning Your Career

Your goal might be to get out into the workforce as soon as possible and start earning money.

Continuing Education

Certifications in certain programs, like Nursing Assistant, can not only qualify you for entry-level positions, but also can qualify you for a higher level of certification.

If you’re wanting the opportunity to advance your career, then continuing your education with further certifications is a great option.

Keeping Current with Certifications

It’s important to keep your certifications up-to-date. Some require continuing education, updates or re-certification. It’s important to always stay current with your skills and knowledge for your chosen field.

For any questions about the certification programs offered by Central Coast College, please get in touch with us today! Our staff and teachers are here to help you earn the qualifications you need for the career you desire!

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