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5 Reasons Why a Career College Might be Right for You

Perhaps you want to further your education and give yourself the opportunity for a rewarding career in the future. You may want to earn more money, provide for your family, or help make the world a better place. Continuing your education beyond high school is an excellent way to get you started on a meaningful career.

At traditional colleges, you have the opportunity to earn a degree from the Associates level all the way to a Ph.D. in a variety of fields. Whether public or private, most traditional colleges start with a two to four-year commitment to receive a degree.

But did you know that there are alternatives to traditional colleges?

A career college like Central Coast College offers the opportunity to learn skills that can lead to a rewarding career in a variety of fields in less than two years. Classroom education, hands-on training, and internships are offered by career colleges, just the same as at traditional colleges. However, a career college provides the opportunity to obtain a diploma, certificate, or degree in less than two years because they offer an education that focuses on the skills you need for employment without taking general education courses that may or may not be of interest to you.

So which should you choose – a traditional college, or a career college? Either is a good choice for advancing your career, but here are five reasons why a career college might be the best choice for you:

1. Opportunities for Fast-Growing Careers

In many areas, occupations that require less than 2 years of education are growing faster than jobs requiring a 4 year degree.

While no college can guarantee that you’ll find a good job in your chosen career upon graduation, your chances are pretty good with a career college. Jobs that call for skilled workers with two-years or less training are often more plentiful. In many areas of the country there is an ongoing demand for trained workers in the healthcare and administrative fields.

Many skilled jobs pay as much as jobs that require a Bachelor’s degree. Your education opportunities are endless. But if your goal is a good career and a path to build your future, then a career college might be the right choice for you.

2. It Can be Less Expensive

It’s no secret that college can be expensive, and student loan debt is at an all-time high. Career colleges are sometimes one of the least expensive education options, giving you the most bang for your buck, so to speak.

Programs at career colleges like Central Coast College are usually shorter because they are more focused on education and training for the specific subject or field that you are studying. More is not always better if you spend time taking subjects that you do not need or will not use. Because of a more focused, streamlined approach, less of your time and money is spent on taking classes that have little value to your career.

Also, at a career college like Central Coast College, you are usually able to stay at home while attending school instead of paying for campus housing. Central Coast College also offers evening classes for those who are currently working.

3. Gets You out in the Workforce Faster

If you complete your certificate, diploma, or Associates Degree training program at a career college in less than two years, then you’re out in the workforce earning money that much faster. Whether you choose a career college right after high school, or you’re returning to school at a later point in your life, programs offered by institutions like Central Coast College can help expand your income earning potential.

Time is money and getting back into the workforce in less time is something you should factor in when considering different schools and the cost of education.

4. More Hands-On Education

At a career college, you’re more likely to get hands-on training – gaining experience that’s a lot like the actual workplace – so the “learning curve” is shorter when you do get that new job which requires that special set of skills and knowledge. Training in the classroom is often combined with internships with local employers which offer students the opportunity to put to use the skills learned in the classroom in a workplace setting.

Career colleges usually focus on teaching skills more than teaching theory – and Central Coast College is no exception. Students learn computer software, record-keeping and organizational skills, how to use medical equipment, etc. Knowledge and training in skills like these can set up students to enter the workforce with minimal on-the-job training needed.

5. Local Connections

A career college often has an ever-growing list of local employers in order to provide their students with internship and even post-graduation job opportunities. At Central Coast College, we have many employer connections in Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties. We also offer career services for our graduates.

Your Next Step

As you explore your education and job training opportunities, take into account your current lifestyle and career goals as well as your future plans. If time or finances are a concern, check out some of the programs offered by Central Coast College. Click this link to hear student testimonials from men and women just like you who were looking for the next step towards a new career.

Today there are more options than ever for education and employment. A career college might just provide the right path for you.

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