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Medical Assisting Program Coordinator Lee Wyker Interview


I enjoy working at CCC because I have an instant impact on students by helping them to develop hard and soft skills they need to compete in the Medical Assisting Market today.

I enjoy inspiring and going beyond teaching rote facts and share my previous knowledge with a captivated audience. I can use my imagination and creativity to bring Medical Assisting to real life in ways that students will always remember.

Teaching/Coaching instantly impacts students by helping them develop skills they need to compete in a Medical office in Monterey County.

Coaching has allowed me to take a former life experience and blend it into a classroom environment for the past 17 years. I enjoy creatively relating my curriculum to my students. Teaching is a great job because everyday I can feel successful.

My favorite memory would be my friend and mentor Mr. Willie Curtiss. Willie helped develop our CCC M.A. Program. He believed in my people skills and patiently taught me some Laboratory and Clinical skills and how to “light the fire” in our young students. It is about moments when you see that spark, the excitement when the student has learned something, when they feel valued and they value me.

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