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The Importance of Certifications

Several Central Coast College programs can lead to “third-party certifications” by an organization or agency independent of the College. These programs include Medical Assisting, Nursing Assistant, Phlebotomy, and Computer Specialist Accounting. While this may sound impressive, what does it really mean for you? If you complete one of our programs and receive a certification, how can that help you with your career or with future education?

First of all, what does “certification” mean? A certification is proof, from an authorized institution or organization, that you are qualified for certain tasks. It’s more than just a certificate of completion – although completing any education program is certainly something to be proud of. Official certifications can actually help you in your future career pursuits.

Here are five reasons why getting a certification from a national or state organization might be one of the best things you can do for your career:

Certification proves that you’ve learned the basics

To be qualified for any task or job, you’ve got to at least know the basics. If you complete and pass a course and receive a certification, this shows potential employers that you have mastered the tasks, skills, or knowledge covered in that course. You don’t have to go around convincing people that you know how to use a spreadsheet or measure a patient’s height and weight – your certification says so.

Certification can improve your marketability

This is related to the previous point. Employers want to be sure that candidates for jobs know what they’re doing, so having a certification can help push you to the front of the application line, in a manner of speaking. Of course there are no guarantees and every employer is different, but having a certification helps set you apart in a credible way.

Certifications can help you achieve the next level of professional certification or degree in your field

If you want to continue your education, whether right now or in the future, a certification can help you move more efficiently through the education system. In the same way that a certification proves to potential employers that you know the basics, a certification can show other education institutions that you’ve already passed certain entry-level courses and are ready for the next step.

A Certification is an indicator of your work ethic

You’d probably agree that sometimes school is hard. It takes hard work and discipline to get through a class. If you’ve passed a course (or several) and received a certification, this shows potential employers that you’ve got a solid work ethic. Regardless of the field or industry, employers look for employees who can show up on time, know what they’re doing, and do their best. That same discipline and work ethic you used to get through your classes and achieve your certification can serve you well in any job that comes your way.

Certification is required by state or federal law for many industries

In some occupations, Phlebotomy and Nursing Assistant are examples, you are required to have a certification before you can get a job. A certification is not only proof of your knowledge and skill (as mentioned in the first two points), but it gives you a legal right to apply for certain jobs.

Central Coast College is proud to offer certifications for several careers in the business and medical fields. Check out our certification programs here: MA, NA, Phlebotomy, and CSA.

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