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What We Love About Our Students

At Central Coast College, we love our students.

Our students are the most important part of our school, because after all, without students, there wouldn’t be a school. We began over thirty years ago with just twenty students and one program, but thanks to continued passion and dedication from students, we’ve now grown into a school with over eight programs. Each year we help close to 200 students graduate with degrees, diplomas, certificates and certifications that they can use in the workplace. Over 5,000 students have graduated from Central Coast College since 1983 when the school began.

So what do we love about our students, past and present?


Succeeding in school isn’t always easy, especially with jobs, kids, and life happening while you’re juggling school, too. But over the years, we’ve had students overcome many different obstacles and hardships to attend classes and graduate. No matter what challenge you might be facing, Central Coast College wants to see every student succeed and our faculty and staff are here to help. We love helping students who are determined to succeed.


It takes commitment and determination to complete a college program. We respect the commitment of each and every CCC student. Some of our graduates have returned to CCC to speak to classes or to work as teachers or other staff positions. This takes commitment to another level, and as a school we are honored when a former student returns to share their knowledge and expertise with current students.


We love it when students are excited to be here. We’re passionate about helping people to expand their potential career options, and we love helping students who are passionate about learning. Passionate students are part of what keeps our faculty and staff going. Learning is fun!

We love seeing our students and graduates succeed. If you’d like to explore your potential career-changing options with Central Coast College, contact us today. We’d love to talk to you!

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