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Get to Know our Veterinary Technology Program, with our Featured Student Spotlight Series

Do you love animals? Would you like to make a career out of working with them? If you are interested in training for a career as a veterinary assistant, Central Coast College, located in Salinas, California, offers an excellent Veterinary Assistant training program! Why choose Central Coast College for your training? At CCC, you will find a supportive community culture, practical, skill-based training, and career placement assistance. Students come to CCC for focused career training programs, achievable in a short amount of time, and designed to prepare graduates with the competitive skills needed to confidently enter the job market. 

Check out this Student Spotlight, featuring CCC veterinary assisting student Marixa Zambrano, to learn more about CCC, our 38-week Veterinary Assisting diploma program, and why so many students just like you choose Central Coast College for their career training. Get to know us better, with this edition of our Featured Student Spotlight Series.  

Marixa Zambrano, Veterinary Technology program

Marixa came to Central Coast College in search of a career change. Marixa had been working in a senior living facility as a medication technician and caregiver, and wanted to switch careers for her mental health and well-being. Marixa says, “I wanted to pursue a career that was constantly evolving, and animal medicine and science were what always excited me. The switch from care for people to caring for animals was natural.” Once enrolled in CCC’s Veterinary Technology program, Marixa found it to be a better fit, both for herself, and for her family. She says, “I wake up now eager to learn and grow as a person for the future of my girls. I want them to see you can change any course in life for the better, you just need to work for it.”

Instructor Patty Zehna, RVT chose to highlight Marixa for the Student Spotlight, praising her for her hard work and dedication in working towards her Associate’s Degree. Zehna says, “Marixa is in her final year of completing our AAS degree program in veterinary technology. She consistently strives to be her best self not only in veterinary and science related courses but also general ed required courses. She looks at these classes as additional steppingstones to excelling in her future career as a veterinary technician, and in life.” Zehna was particularly impressed by Marixa’s motivation, sharing an excerpt that Marixa wrote recently in an essay. Marixa wrote: “I want the effort I put into learning and my career to be the legacy I leave for my children, to be the example for an enriched future, full of knowledge and passion.”

Central Coast College’s Veterinary Assistant program gives students hands-on experience working with animals in order to thoroughly prepare them for careers as Veterinary Assistants. Students learn the comprehensive skills and knowledge needed for positions working alongside veterinarians and veterinary technicians in a variety of animal care settings. The Veterinary Technology program can be completed in as few as 38 weeks, and graduates receive a Certificate of Completion, Veterinary Technology diploma. Students like Marixa who wish to pursue an advanced education may take an additional year of courses in order to obtain their Associate of Applied Science, Veterinary Technology degree.

After completing their program, Central Coast College graduates enter the job market with confidence, thanks to the support of CCC’s Career Services department. Central Coast College is committed to assisting our program graduates in the pursuit of stable, rewarding employment, and the Career Services department provides every student with a wide range of career support services, including resume writing assistance, job searching and networking, interviewing skills, and comprehensive job placement assistance. While the school cannot guarantee employment upon graduation, CCC instructors and Career Services staff consistently seek to assist students with employment opportunities prior to and after graduation. At Central Coast College we are committed to offering both a quality educational experience, and individualized job placement assistance, so graduates can utilize the knowledge and skills they have gained to successfully enter their chosen career fields.

Students like Marixa choose Central Coast College for their Veterinary Assistant training because CCC’s program is focused, achievable in a short amount of time, and provides the competitive skills needed for today’s job market. Why should you choose CCC for your Veterinary Assistant training? Come to Central Coast College for a focused Veterinary Assistant training program that can be achieved in a short amount of time, a supportive community culture, and hands-on competitive skills training. With Central Coast College, you can gain the skills, knowledge, and practical experience you need to enter the job market with confidence. If you are ready to take the next step towards your veterinary assisting career, Central Coast College is here to help you make it happen! Call 831-424-6767 or click here to get started today!




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