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Administrative Assistant/Secretary & Bookkeeper/Accounting Clerk: Careers that are Everywhere

At many career colleges like Central Coast College, incoming students are excited about programs like medical assisting or veterinary technology – and they should be. Those are growing careers that offer lots of opportunities.

But if you’re looking for training that can open doors for you with a wide range of employers and industries, then you should check out programs like Computer Office Administration or Computer Specialist Accounting.

Everybody Uses Admin Assistants & Bookkeeper/Accounting Clerks

While perhaps it’s not true to say that everybody uses Administrative Assistants and Bookkeeper/Accounting Clerks at their company or business, it is true that graduates with computer office administration and accounting skills are highly sought-after.

Administrative Assistants and Bookkeeper/Accounting Clerks work in more places than you might think. Many admin assistants work behind the scenes, but they are vital to the everyday smooth functioning of all types of organizations, public, private-sector and non-profit.

Here are some of the different employers that hire both Administrative Assistant/Secretaries and Bookkeeper/Accounting Clerks:

  • Schools (public and private)
  • Government
  • Advertising and marketing companies
  • Charities, churches, and other non-profit organizations
  • Small businesses such as mechanic shops, small retail shops, and restaurants
  • Large business such as agriculture, manufacturing, sales, and technology
  • Public gyms or rec centers
  • Publishing companies
  • Hospitality and tourism organizations


Jobs for administrative assistants and bookkeeping and accounting clerks pay a median wage of $16-18 according to OnetOnline. For more information and statistics about careers in these fields, check out OnetOnline for Secretaries and Administrative Assistants, and Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks.

Get Training for Computer Office Administration or Accounting

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