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What You Need to Know About Online Versus In-Person Learning

As the nation deals with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many are left with questions about how their education will be impacted. Whether you are just beginning to explore for a professional career or considering a job change, it is important to understand the educational opportunities you have to choose from. Students need to choose an education that has the resources to offer flexibility not just to accommodate work and family commitments but also to prioritize their health and safety.

Benefits of Live Classes
In-person classes have long been the standard for all levels of education. In a classroom setting, there can be more interaction between the students and the instructors. The instructor can take advantage of hands-on opportunities with a live class. This educational style is most familiar to students, and some prefer it because it fosters more personal relationships. When surrounded by peers, students often feel more accountable to participate and remain alert during class time. There are also some careers that require hands-on lab experience that can only be gained from a live course. HDMC offers a hybrid approach to learning with in-person labs and online learning.

Benefits of Online Learning
As technology has developed, so has the quality of online learning. Maria Ortega, Medical Program Director at Central Coast College, explains, “We strive for the best when we speak about education in America, today the online learning has brought in the traditional minds of instructors to deliver their powerful knowledge and experience through a new and improve online learning.” 

As long as you have an internet connection, online courses can be completed from home, in an office, at the library, or even at your local coffee shop. Many students who prefer online education are looking for convenience and flexibility so that they can prepare for a new career while balancing other responsibilities. Learning outside of the traditional classroom setting puts the focus on the individual and teaches students self-discipline and self-motivation. Online courses can provide you with the education you need for a new career or job advancement without having to commit to an extra commute and a set classroom schedule.

Getting the Most from Your Education
While there are times when in-person learning is required, such as labs, many other classes are offered online. So, which one is better? Actually, what you should be considering is which one is better for you. If you are trying to get an education while managing family, work, or other obligations, the flexibility of online classes might work best with your schedule. However, if you haven’t started down a career path, maybe you don’t need the flexibility and would prefer face-to-face interaction and more accountability. An online education works better for students who want to further their education while continuing to work; a live classroom setting is preferable if you are looking for a more traditional education experience.

Start Your New Career Journey Today with HDMC
At Central Coast College, we are committed to offering a quality educational experience and assistance in individualized placement so you can succeed in your chosen career field. With a variety of online and in-person classes, you can tailor your education to fit your lifestyle. We utilize a world-class online learning management system that allows for interactivity and collaboration. All of our classes are taught by qualified and caring staff members who bring a diversity of experiences to their online and in-person classes.

No matter which learning setting you choose, Central Coast College will get you ready to tackle the challenges of the modern workplace so that you can make an impact in your field. Get started today. Contact us at 831-424-6767 or complete an online interest form.

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