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Top Questions Answered by our Director of Admissions 

     Are you interested in training for a rewarding career in healthcare? Central Coast College, in Salinas, California, specializes in training students just like you for careers in the fields of healthcare and business. Our healthcare programs, like Medical Assisting, are hands-on and practical, and are designed to be completed in a short amount of time, so you can start your career sooner. If you are interested in launching your healthcare career, perhaps it’s time to learn more about Central Coast College (CCC)! Here are all of your top questions, answered by Jennifer, CCC’s Director of Admissions.

Do I need experience to start the Medical Assisting (MA) program?

No, you do not need any prior medical experience or prerequisites for our program. 

How long does it take to complete the Medical Assisting (MA) program?

Our MA program is an 11-month program, when completed at a normal pace. 

When do the next classes for the Medical Assisting (MA) program start?

Our MA program is constantly enrolling! Our new classes start as soon as this month.

Is the Medical Assisting (MA) program online or in-person?

Our students are currently attending a hybrid schedule – For the morning and afternoon students they do 3 days a week of hands-on learning in-person and 2 days a week online for their theory. The evening students do 2 days a week in-person for hands-on learning and 2 days a week online for theory. Students complete 9 months of training and then complete a 175-hour Externship in which they receive more real-world medical experience. 

What time is the Medical Assisting (MA) class at?

We offer morning (M-F 8-11 am), afternoon (M-F 1-4 pm) and evening classes (M-TH 5:50-9:50pm). You get to choose which schedule is best for you. 

What will I learn in the Medical Assisting (MA) program?

We train students in both front and back-office skills.  Students will learn how to draw blood, give shots and administer injections as well as learn front office skills and more.

Where do graduates normally work after completing the Medical Assisting (MA) program?

Many of our MA’s go to work in clinics, doctor’s offices, Medical Groups, Surgery Centers, Pediatrics, Oncology, Neurology etc. By having both front and back-office skills our students come away with a lot of exciting opportunities!

Do you offer financial help at this school?

We do offer Financial Aid to those who qualify and would be happy to set up a time to review the details of the school and program to see if CCC might be the right fit for you!  

How do I enroll and get started?

Students can always reach me on my cell (831) 320-9078 for additional information or to set up a time to meet for a tour!

Still have more questions? Don’t hesitate to give us a call! Click here to contact the Admissions department, or call (831) 424-6767. At Central Coast College, we are here to help you make your career goals a reality. If you are ready to take the first step towards your healthcare career goal, contact Central Coast College to learn more about how to get started today! 

Make your Healthcare Career Goal a Reality, with Central Coast College!


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