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Get to Know our Business Programs, with our Featured Student Spotlight Series

Are you interested in a professional career with room for advancement? If you’re organized and detail oriented, a career in the business field could be a great choice for you. At Central Coast College, we offer business training programs that can be completed in as few as 48 weeks. Why should you choose Central Coast […]

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Office Administration: A Set of Skills with Opportunities for Advancement

Are you thinking about going back to school? Are you looking for a career that can offer more opportunities than your current occupation? Have you considered getting a diploma or certification in office administration? “Office administration” or “Administrative Assistant” may not sound like a glamorous name for a career, but if you have office administration […]

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5 Reasons You Should Study Office Administration

When you hear the term “Administrative Assistant,” what do you think of? Probably someone sitting at a desk in an office, answering the phone, typing on a computer, sorting files, maybe doing payroll. These tasks and more usually fall into the category of “Admin Assistant.” And these skills in computer office administration and computer accounting […]

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