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What We Love About Our Students

At Central Coast College, we love our students. Our students are the most important part of our school, because after all, without students, there wouldn’t be a school. We began over thirty years ago with just twenty students and one program, but thanks to continued passion and dedication from students, we’ve now grown into a […]

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How to Prepare to Go Back to School

Going back to school might feel like an intimidating, overwhelming prospect. You’re working, you’ve got kids, you’ve got life in general. You might be asking yourself: “Do I have the time to go back to school? Do I have the money? Is it worth it?” Making Time for School Everyone is busy. Most people don’t […]

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All about Scholarships

Have you been wanting to go back to school, but you thought “no, I can’t afford it”? Or maybe you’re already enrolled, but you’re concerned about how to pay the full tuition, or how you’ll be able to pay back your student loans. Well, there’s good news: a scholarship might be your answer! A scholarship […]

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New Year, New Career

New Year’s Resolutions – lots of people make them. A new year is like a new beginning – it’s a time to finish those projects you started, forget the mistakes you made in the past and move forward. It’s a time when many people evaluate their life and see where they want to make changes. […]

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6 Ways to Stay Healthy While You’re in School

Staying healthy can often seem like a big challenge, during the chilly winter months when stress goes up and your health goes down. Who has time to be sick? Family, jobs, school work – life can be stressful enough without being sick, too. So what can you do to stay healthy so you don’t fall […]

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5 Tips to Manage Your Stress During the Holidays (And Not Have Your Schoolwork Suffer)

We all know the holidays can be a hectic time. Along with the busyness of work, school, and daily life, things like travel, shopping, and family gatherings are added into the mix. The holidays are meant to be a time of joy, but a lot of people find them stressful, primarily because of this hectic […]

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Celebrating 33 years of Central Coast College – A message from Bob Schaefer, President

October marks the thirty-third anniversary of Central Coast College. Thirty-three years ago, we started with just one training program called Business Data Processing Clerical Training, 20 students and 4 staff, two of them part-time. Now, more than three decades later, we have 10 training programs, average 200 students daily with 30 staff, and approximately 5,000 […]

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5 Fears that Might be Keeping You from Going Back to School

Going back to school as an adult can have its own unique set of challenges. We understand that a lot of people want to further their education or advance their career, but might have a few stumbling blocks to overcome first. Here are five fears that you might be facing, and how you can move […]

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The Importance of Certifications

Several Central Coast College programs can lead to “third-party certifications” by an organization or agency independent of the College. These programs include Medical Assisting, Nursing Assistant, Phlebotomy, and Computer Specialist Accounting. While this may sound impressive, what does it really mean for you? If you complete one of our programs and receive a certification, how […]

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Featured Program: Computer Specialist, Accounting

Are you ready for a new career? If you’re organized, detail-oriented, and like working with numbers or computer programs, then our Computer Specialist Accounting program might be right for you. Potential Career Opportunities for an Accounting Computer Specialist A diploma in Accounting can open doors to many different types employment opportunities. While you will likely […]

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